Song #11 is OUT NOW!

I’m excited to share this new track from the “One Song A Week” project. First of all, if you’d like to hear ALL the songs from these SMOKE SESSIONS, check out the Spotify playlist on the front page of this site (AND FOLLOW IT) - it should explain everything! The latest addition is this week’s track “I Wanna Feel It” - if you’re on the fence about something…not sure if you should dive in, or sit this one out…this song might just push you over the edge (in a good way) and convince you to GO FOR IT! I’m also excited to have played my new guitar - a 2008 MIM Telecaster on this track - I think the guitars sound bright and round and full, which is really the sound I was looking for when dreaming about adding a Tele to my sonic collection. You can find the song on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay, among others. It helps so very much if you LIKE the track or ADD it to a playlist or SHARE it with a friend - this helps keep the indie music dream alive! Thank you for your support as always - more rock & roll coming soon!! Plus we have a LAS VEGAS show on 4/20 at NuWu Cannabis Marketplace playing with West Coast hip/hop LEGENDS The Luniz!