Lead vocalist and songwriter Donato grew up in the Pacific Northwest in the 80s (pre-cell phone era) with plenty of time to stay inside and learn to play music. Luckily, out of necessity/boredom, he started banging on pots and pans around 7 years old and in high school, Donato acquired his first TASCAM 4-track recorder. After moving to Las Vegas he began writing songs and recording in a more "serious" way. Donato was selected by CMJ Magazine and Coca-Cola as one of the Top 50 Unsigned Songwriters in America, along with his group The UTMoST getting nominated for an SCMA (Southern California Music Award). Donato has written music for Sony Pictures and recorded an EP called "Give It To Me" with Savage Garden founder Daniel Jones. Bassist Eliss Martinez has been plucking the 4-string since his early teens in Puerto Rico. His bass and vocal skills are a huge asset to The Imperfections and their sound. Hard-hitting DRUM CORE drummer Dominic Mangle solidifies the lineup giving The Imperfections their backbone and musical identity that sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin playing Cheap Trick songs with Billy Joel on vocals. Below are a few samples of our work:



"Baby You Don't Know" was chosen for an excellent short film out of Australia called 'Frankie on the Fritz'

I've had music featured in the TV show Charmed. 

Recorded the intro song for my brilliant friend Brandon Muller's parody of Criss Angel's TV show 'Mindfreak'

My song "Death On The Dance Floor" was included in the first ever documentary film made about Stand Up Paddleboarding, 'That First Glide' 

                                           Sci-Fi spoof/tribute music video for the song "I Don't Not Want To Rock"




Sebastian Bach got drunk, then got up on stage and wanted to sing a song with us! Hilarity ensues...



Created an 80's-inspired workout song for a World Series of Poker promo. 

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