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All Around You - HEAR IT NOW!

Hey guys - we put together a little video for a BRAND NEW SONG called “All Around You” from our new EP ‘Celebrate The Imperfections’ - its a one minute teaser - designed to make you want MORE! Hope it works… Check out the video below and if you like what you see & hear, the best thing you can do is go to our HOME page and PRE-SAVE the album on Spotify. Then you’ll have it the moment it becomes available!! Check out the video below and thanks again for ALL your support:

This song came about after a full day of vaporizing @polarismmj #headcheese out of my @dabuddhavape - possibly the best cannabis in Nevada for creativity and intimacy - and I think this track is equal parts both…after the medicine kicked in, I became inspired to write a naughty but still sweet song to my lady love; @four20yoga - and if you listen closely to the lyrics, the song’s true meaning may reveal itself. Yes I’d like to wrap my arms all around her, but that’s not all! The song came together rather quickly, once I had the chords and basic vocal idea, we stumbled upon a nice melodic guitar line that is played throughout the song which really complements the cursing 🤬 during the choruses…whoops! Did I mention NWA was an early influence? Overall this is a fun high-energy, celebratory love song erupting with joy and whatever else you may have inside..

A huge thanks to @thetonefactorylasvegas @vinniecastaldo and @beckyruxpin_og for bringing this track to life! Couldn’t have done it without you guys!