SONG #4 of 52 OUT NOW!

Week #4 is upon us and that means ANOTHER NEW TRACK from The Imperfections! This week’s tune is “Family Down” a bouncy little folk/rock song about family life and the pressures of living up to expectations. It has a serious side to it, but also maintains a fun bouncy feel throughout the song while belting out the words “Don’t leave me out in the cold freezing my nuts in January” perhaps this would be a fun one for the ladies to sing along to?? I was inspired by the new Cadillac commercial with the song that says “my booty’s bigger than a Cadillac” and thought ‘hey, if they can talk about their butts being the size of an SUV, why can’t I talk about my private parts in a fun way?’ Learn the words yourself and sing along with the LYRIC VIDEO below: