Meet The Band

I wanted to focus some attention on the band today - they are such great dudes and talented musicians, so why not put em in the spotlight a little?? Eliss is originally from Inglewood, CA and brings his OG attitude to the group which allows us to play some of the tougher parts of town. Dominic comes from a Drumcore background, which has given him incredible skin-slapping skills that he displays on a nightly basis with The Imperfections. Lastly, Donato is the singer/songwriter of the group and also plays a guitar or “axe” as some have called it. Donato shows equal love for Aerosmith, Green Day, Billy Joel and Foo Fighters and that can most certainly be heard on our upcoming EP “Celebrate The Imperfections” due in the fall of 2018. And now that you know the band, feel free to pick your favorite and fall in love!