Good day everyone - we’re excited to announce a few NEW SHOWS we have coming up

First of all, we are incredibly honored to have been asked by NuWu Dispensary in Las Vegas to play their 1 year anniversary party on October 13th. Its an ALL DAY celebration with a ton of great bands, delicious food, happy people, and possibly some cannabis?? We absolutely LOVE NuWu, they are owned by the Paiute Native American tribe here in Nevada - awesome people, amazing history in Nevada (my son just so happens to be studying Paiutes in school at the moment), awesome facility in Vegas, we couldn’t be happier to be involved! A huge thank you and shout out goes to Tisha and Chris Spotted-Eagle for showing us the love this holiday season! I tell you this [not my words] “happiness does not decrease by being shared” so come share the love on Saturday October 13th from noon to Midnight at NuWu Dispensary [MAP BELOW]

Another upcoming show is happening THIS TUESDAY at an unknown location. Mark your calendar, but leave your GPS blank…more info coming soon, but it is an exciting opportunity that we will share more details about as soon as possible. I know, why even bring it up?? Well, its called a teaser kids; you dangle something potentially sweet and tasty out in front of someone and then all of a sudden just cu….