Take It Easy on Yourself

Happy Monday everyone - and as much as I'd like it to be Friday again, I'm working on being patient and enjoying the process. Its similar to when I think about Celebrating The Imperfections - sure everyone wants life to be glorious, perfect, movie-star status...but really the only way to get to that "perfect life" is to push through the imperfections. The bumps along the way make you who you are today. And those bumps are the imperfections - the time you went on stage and it didn't go well, the time you failed an assignment or test, got fired from your job, dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend...nobody LIKES those feelings, but they are character building events that help shape who you are and how you react to adversity. So I do hope you all fail a LITTLE BIT today, to help you better find your true path. And take it easy on yourself along the way, nobody's perfect - so CELEBRATE THE IMPERFECTIONS! 

celebratetheimperfections (2).jpg