Happy Monday!

Its just another day of the week, seemingly like the rest, but why does Monday feel so much shittier than the rest of the days? The weight of the week can crush you if you're not prepared to face it. So we here at The Imperfections headquarters challenge you to make the best of your Monday - its only going to get better this week! We are working up some fun new songs, and old songs from the 60s by a group of amphibious animals, a few rock classics from the 70s, and even some songs from as recently as the 2000s - which reminds me I think my computer is still susceptible to the Y2K bug - I gotta update my Windows 98 ASAP! Anybody have a vintage install disc?? Laserdisc preferred. Btw, I can't believe BluRay beat out HD-DVD. I had my money on HD-DVD all the way - if anyone wants to borrow my copy of Jerry Maguire lemme know - or if you have dial up maybe I can fax it to you.

Happy Monday!.jpg