Any hockey fans that have somehow managed to find themselves on THIS website instead of a more hockey-themed site like NHL.COM or even ESPN - let me be the first to tell you, our own Las Vegas Golden Knights have made history and are going to the Stanley Cup Finals! This is a new thing for Vegas, and coming from Seattle, we didn't have a hockey team to follow either - but its hard to not be inspired by the Golden Knights energy, passion and the unbelievable season they are having! Through watching my son play the past few years and following the Golden Knights this year, I have officially caught "hockey-fever" or however you would describe being HOOKED on something (without harmful side-effects). So before I get too off track, the reason for this post is to announce the channeling of all this exciting energy into an upcoming remix of a Golden Knights-themed track called "Knight It Up", an anthemic shout-along perfect for a packed arena! I'll be in the studio in early June recording a handful of other tracks for a SUMMER 2018 RELEASE - this way we can all Celebrate The Imperfections! #newalbumthissummer