FIVE Songs I wish I wrote

I consider myself a music fan first and foremost, though I also write songs. I love rocking out to a great live band or jamming in the car - but every now and then I hear a GREAT song and my inner songwriter voice says "Dang I wish I thought of that!" Below is a list of FIVE songs that inspire me and also make me a little jelly that I hadn't written them first! 

1. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears.  This song to me is the definition of the 80s. The synth and drum sounds are huge, great melody and meaningful lyrics. And a great measuring stick for me is: no matter how many times I've heard this song, I'm still not sick of it! 

2. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen. These guys are geniuses on so many levels - Brian May is one of my favorite guitarists but also is an astrophysicist in his spare time! With this song, the music fits the message and I always come away from this song feeling pumped up. Its Queen so you'll hear fantastic vocals and musicianship and also very interesting arrangements that keep the listener on their toes!

3. Time Of The Season - The Zombies.  This song has such style and tasty flavor - crazy to think the band broke up before it was even released. The song features great harmonies from the band and the signature clap + "ahh" from vocalist Colin Blunstone is one of the coolest percussion parts ever laid down. 

4. She Seila - The Producers.  First of all this band is tragically unknown among many music fans. This song has all the elements required for a classic; catchy musical riff, memorable melody, meaningful lyrics, and a great sound. Watch this ridiculously awesome performance from MTV's New Years Rock & Roll Ball 1982/83 - the energy, the vocals, the keyboard...are you kidding me?! How was this band not hugely famous?? And kudos to MTV for airing something so incredible at one point in their history.

5. Coconut - Harry Nilsson. This song is both brilliant and goofy at the same time. Immediately infectious and catchy, the song consists of a total of ONE chord! That's the true genius here - knowing when to say when. Most songwriters would think "Okay I have this cool song idea on the C7 chord, now where should I go from there?" Well, crazy ol' Harry Nilsson decided one chord was enough. And obviously he was right. He was a rule breaker and a tremendous smartass, and I treasure his work. Check the strange video he put out for the song: