Weekend RECAP!

We had a great time at NuWu Cannabis’ 1-Year Anniversary Party last Saturday October 13th! Thanks to Tisha, Chris, Ethan and Tazia for reaching out to us and being so incredibly gracious and kind during our entire experience at NuWu! The carne asada fries were delightful, the stage and sound were fantastic and everyone was super nice to us! Some of our very best friends came out to support and hang - Bernalyn, Steph, Michael, DeAnthony, Jon, KC, all the vendors and familiar faces in the cannabis industry - we love you all! We played some brand new (for us) songs which were lots of fun and some may have even found a permanent place in future sets. It was a beautiful night, a slight chill in the air, but crystal clear and not a drop of rain to be felt. We essentially played two sets of material - from 8:30-10pm - almost past my bedtime but we held it together well enough to be invited back! I think that should always be the goal, if you play a show and the people that booked you say, “that was great thank you, we’d love to have you back.” that means you did your job, however if after your set they simply say, “okay then, bye bye now…” you know something may have gone wrong. So we appreciate the hospitality of the fine folks over at NuWu Cannabis Marketplace - and happy 1-Year Anniversary to you!!