Good Morning, Durban Poison!

If you ever have trouble waking up or if you're just not a morning person, there's nothing quite like a strong sativa to get you going. Me and my lady have begun starting our day around 5:30am with a few hits of some strong sativa - this morning was Durban Poison. The effects are immediate - in less than 5 minutes I am fully awake, alert and ready for the day! I then do 20 or 30 minutes of yoga, eat something healthy (when available) and begin my musical adventures. Durban Poison quiets that little voice in my head that groans about how he wants to stay in bed and doesn't feel like exercising. Before I know it, I'm in the middle of a yoga class feeling great and creating tons of positive energy for the rest of my day.

Unfortunately Durban Poison is not on most doctor's recommended prescription lists (if there is such a thing) but it SHOULD be. I flushed all my opiates down the toilet yesterday - no need for that garbage. I'm choosing health and natural medicine. I know it works better for me. Its getting me out of bed in the morning and keeping me focused on the positive. Here's my view from rehearsal: