My lovely fiance brought home this Trainwreck from AMA a few days ago and could not wait to try writing with it! It smelled amazing - piney, fruity, one of the most fragrant Trainwrecks I've ever experienced. I took a single long dose from a Buddha vaporizer (and an Arnold Palmer for caffiene). This song came out of a single day's songwriting session this past Tuesday along with 3 other tracks (with varying results). For this track I tried to work in as much scientific/chemistry lingo as possible to describe a love between two young folks. You see, the truth is - me and my lady have a good thing going - and I love it when I get the chance to express my love for her in a song. And since she brought home this wonderful Trainwreck anyway - hey its not like I need to find more excuses to write songs about her! We've had a unique chemistry ever since we were youngins fiddling with test tubes in the basement.