I know what you might be thinking...and no, I had never heard of a strain called 'Big Smooth' either. But my friendly budtender told me it was known to be good for "intimate times" and whenever I hear that I tend to listen up. Now what I do in my "intimate times" is for another blog, but lets just say I had some Big Smooth leftover and wanted to see how it might influence a songwriting session. 

My main mission for this track was to make something upbeat and melodic but with a few odd/half-step progressions thrown in. The song is about being confident and not hesitating when you're in the moment, y'know - let yourself "Shine!" 

So my conclusion is the song below. I liked the taste of Big Smooth as well - very fruity/berry and well-balanced effects for being creative. The cultivator of Big Smooth is Silver State Trading from Sparks, NV. You can find it in dispensaries all throughout Nevada.