I was in the mood to write something that had a "real life" feel to it. But first had to ask myself "do I have a 'REAL LIFE' that I could draw inspiration from?" Surely I must. Shirley, I must! 

So I partook in some excellent new crumble concentrate from Moxie - Gorilla Goo, which leads me to believe it is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Afgoo. It really made me want to clean the house - so I did that for a few hours all the while keeping my brain open to new song ideas. About the time I got to scrubbing the toilets I started to consider the position of "I wonder if anyone really cares how well I scrub the toilets, or am I the only one who can appreciate this deep clean?"  I let these thoughts continue until I came up with a song idea about being taken for granted, something we all feel at one time or another. So here is what I came up with, a track whose full title is "Don't Worry Bout Me (Taking You For Granted)" - check it out below: