A classic southern California strain SFV OG can be a pretty intoxicating strain. It started in the head for me and then spread thru my entire body creating an intense experience that simply HAD to be documented! SFV is one where I can get lost down a mental rabbit hole for several hours...and this time was no different! Many much kudos to the fine folks down at Remedy for putting out some fantastic medicine - all their OGs have been especially tasty and have an excellent terpene profile. 

I do not own a proper SLIDE to play slide guitar with, so I used a Sharpie pen (I believe it was red) and slid it haphazardly across the neck of the guitar doing my best Joe Perry impression. It turned out ok considering I didn't know what I was doing. Also listen up for the inappropriate lyrics in the verse. With the rap delivery of the verse combined with the slide guitar I think this could be a true hip-hop/country CROSSOVER HIT! Prove to all the neighborhood naysayers you really are TOO LEGIT TO QUIT and ADD THIS TRACK TO YOUR SPOTIFY PLAYLIST!