SMOKE SESSION: Head Cheese pt. 1

Head Cheese has really become one of my favorite all time strains. This particular batch was from the fantastic growers down at Polaris. It gave me that care-free happy high that really helped me get into a creative state. I really wanted to write a happy song celebrating my girlfriend and how she's available for me at any hour of the day/night. I was also listening to a lot of Billy Joel's "An Innocent Man" album at the time - so this has an 80s throwback to the 60s sound to it...if that's possible. 

The song "In The Middle Of The Night" is a high-energy celebration of love for all time - at any time! I wanted to sneak in the naughty bits so I made the title seem innocent but there's more to this tune than meets the ear. Hey why not be a boss and add it to your Spotify playlist??