This song just kinda spewed out of me...well that sounds gross...but it came out in a natural/flowing sort of way. A "spewish" kinda way I guess. The lyrics must have come from whatever I was thinking at the time; as a person grows up, people around them can react to those changes in a variety of ways and I think that shapes us as people. It started as a stream of consciousness brainstorm and then just pieced itself together. I enjoyed playing the bouncy drums and fun little guitar stuff throughout. If ye ole' memory serves correct, this was played on a late 90s American Telecaster through a Palamino 32 Class-A tube amp in Sanchez McDonald studios. Try and see yourself there...Family Down is on Spotify!

The cannabis involved was a fantastic Querkle Cannabis Oil extract from Silver State Wellness up in Sparks, NV. The #1 most relaxing indica I have enjoyed WITHOUT feeling overly lethargic. Credit that to the off the charts B-Caryophylene content of 31.7 mg/g! 


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