2017: A Look Back

In the last few days of 2017, I'm taking a moment to look back at the awesomeness that was this year! Share in the celebration below:

Click the top left to stream the entire playlist on youtube

* Check out a playlist of my songs on youtube and let it play ALL DAY while you clean the house. Or make a mess, your choice. 

* I'm grateful for distrokid for helping me finally get a bunch of my songs distributed online and helped me start to organize my head a bit. Check em out, they're good people. 


I finished a new Joe Foss track this year called "Hot Streak" - check it out on Spotify (via Twitter):

Also in 2017 I posted a 5 song Christmas EP as Barry & Gordon - A Comedy Christmas. Some of the content is questionable and even confusing, but please consider adding it to your 2018 xmas playlist alongside Bob Rivers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Bing Crosby on crack. 


Here's to 2018 being even MORE awesomer! This coming year shall see a full album release (hand release sold separately) from Donato & His Imperfections, new tracks from Joe Foss and even a few bonus holiday cuts for next Christmas! Thank you to anyone who is still reading this for your incredible support this past year, it has been a blast in the pants and I can't wait to leave my mark on 2018 - Joe Foss style.

Peace, love and understanding,

- Donato