Barry & Gordon - A Comedy Christmas

Every now and then, an idea comes to you that is so strange and so random that you HAVE to make it a reality just to hear what it would sound like - and that is the case with Barry, the sitar-playing, ferret-hating, smart aleck Sloth, and Gordon; the under-prepared but charmingly sweet baritone-voiced Hippo both singing Christmas songs. This started out as an attempt at a children's comedy Christmas album, but some of the content came out a little too adult. So now it feels more like something you could put on during the holidays to confuse your grandparents. Like The Chipmunks on ecstasy. Or Disney on Ice - but "ice" as in crystal meth. So if you're sick of the same old holiday songs, throw on 'Barry & Gordon - A Comedy Christmas' which Night Ranger Magazine says "...sounds like the Berenstain Bears...on acid." [Herpe Press (c) 2017]