"What She's Doin" Thanksgiving special

You'll never guess what I'm thankful for this year! At the top of the list in recent years you would find mostly food and various other edibles - but this year I wrote a Thanksgiving song dedicated to my special lady. It's all about What She's Doin this year - whether its turning me on or turning over to get more sleep - I'm so grateful to have such a supportive and sexy best friend to motivate and inspire me 24/7. And if you feel the same way, if you have a special best friend that you can grab onto, why don't you do that right now? I'll wait...go ahead and grab em...can you pause wrestling for a sec? At just over 2 minutes - you can literally listen to my entire new song "What She's Doin" during the commercials and be back to wrestling without missing a single choke hold. So happy holidays everyone - and be sure to check back soon as I am planning some more fun releases for the Christmas season!