It's interesting to me how this song started out and where it is my head I wanted to write a good old-fashioned rockin' track in the style of Bob Seger or Foghat - but I am neither of those bands - and when I hear it, it kinda sounds sarcastic - so in the end I feel like a bit of a dink mocking my original inspiration, but that's okay I guess. Unlike math, in "song-making" there is no RIGHT answer. And that's really what I think I do more than "songwriting" - its song MAKING. From drums to guitars, melodies, etc... I like to make songs. I'm picturing the stereotypical "song WRITER" as an introspective breaded dude with an acoustic playing local coffee shops with clever compositions impressing the well-read folk, and I think he's smarter than me - this statement is made all the more meaningless by the fact that I am currently sporting a beard - but for the most part, I know I'm not that guy. (I'm more like the guy in the movie that says one line that they forgot to put in the credits but all the crew remembers as "that guy who was always by the food trays - yea we should probably send him a bill. Oh wait he's not in the credits?? Ah well forget it") The Deadhead OG was very relaxing and helped me channel a bit more sultry sensualness. 

[SPECIAL NOTES: This song was recorded on 10/12/17 during a 12-hour session. I first laid down the guitar riff and built the verses over top. I wanted the chorus to be big and open with an ode to Seger tagline: "no one said rock and roll was easy".]