SMOKE SESSION: Strawberry Cough

It's a nice concept really. Being grateful for what you have, aware that life may not be ideal, but still being okay with what is. The opening lyric "I got made fun of in front of my friends, but that didn't spoil the weekend." really is a sound philosophy. You gotta let things roll off your back. So I came up with this song recently which expresses that sentiment. I wasn't singing very well that day, but hey...the point is: focus on the good and appreciate it. Often times I've found once I do this, good things start happening. The song doesn't take itself too seriously either. This can be found on Volume 7 of my Homemade Hits collection on Spotify

The strain is another classic: the sweet tasting, sativa-dominant hybrid Strawberry Cough. One cannot deny just how effective a focused, mood-enhancing sativa can be. And it really does taste like strawberries! If you've never had real Strawberry Cough - please do yourself a favor and grab some asap! We have an incredible grower here Green Life Productions and Steve Cantwell who puts out one of the finest Strawberry Coughs I've ever seen!