Things Are So Much Better

Experiencing some flashbacks today....not the scary kind, more the fond, reminiscing kind. This track is from The UTMoST days off our first full-length self-titled album. This song reminds me of a few things; playing to a gymnasium full of kids rocking while on tour up in Washington State. And also the fact that this song got a decent amount of radio play here in Vegas on KOMP 92.3 thanks to Laurie Steele. Very cool! I think it was the first time I heard myself on the radio! It was a very creative time, lots of songs coming out and ideas flowing. Also with Mr. Tom Paris acting as the producer/engineer, it made a fun experience even BETTER! What an amazingly talented guy! And here I am having more little flashbacks...ENJOY!

The UTMoST - self-titled (2004)