You can hear the tension building and revolving around the lyrical ideas of never giving up and giving it one last shot. This optimism can in part be credited to the ultra-happy strain Blue Dream. It may be the most common/popular strain out there. And for good reason: it relaxes the body and puts the mind at ease. This kind of "mental relaxation" is essential for songwriting. You have to give your brain some room to think of something, and this excellent Blue Dream from Deep Roots Harvest was some of the best I've ever had. A shout out to Ryan and his guys in Mesquite for consistently putting out some of the best medicine in Nevada. This song is a cool blend of what I think is the true "Grenades sound" because it is such a great mix of what Daniel and I do all smashed together. The song started as a guitar-based riff song, but Daniel's synth and production work took it to another level! With the addition of Blue Dream's "warm hug" effect - this song really came together nicely and I'd like to send a big giant THANK YOU to all those involved! It's also on Spotify HERE! 

Check it out below: